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Chelsea Hill’s Grad Session

June 14, 2017

Okay, I am going to paint a serious picture of myself as a senior in high school and we will do a comparison.

Picture a girl with NO sense of style, struggling to get up early enough to put make up on or even do my hair in any way other than a messy bun. Got the picture? So now let me paint the picture of one of my 2017 seniors Chelsea..

Not only does she have the cutest outfits, but her hair and make up is always on point (although she’d be adorable with a messy bun as well). When she got out of the car at the location we chose I seriously thought I was shooting a session with a model (even if I have known her since she was in grade school).

It is seriously amazing to me how grown some of these seniors look, at least compared to my own sad attempts at being well put together for school.

Check this gorgeous girl out! Congratulations Chels, you are going to do great things in life!

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