Tanya + Taylynn Maternity


March 29, 2018

This woman is a super hero disguised as a mama!

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this lady is. This is her 4th and final pregnancy, and she handles it with complete grace and strength.

Not to mention she has the support of an army, not that she needs it as I’ve watched her go from a single mama to having one of the best guys out there to complete her family with.

Now I will try not to make all of you cry, even though I did, but just check out the words straight from her man about their last pregnancy and his feels:

“It’s crazy that this will be our last time going through this together. I think it’s finally hitting me.
We won’t have that feeling of finding out you’re pregnant. There will be no more pregnancy announcements and trying to figure out how we want to tell the world. We don’t have to ever wait 15 weeks to find out what we’re having. (Even though we all knew it was another girl.. cause come on)
We don’t get to watch your belly grow. I won’t ever get to see you glow the way you do when you’re pregnant. There will be no more talking/singing to your belly or watching her move in crazy ways. I won’t be able to rest my hand on your belly right before I go to sleep. I’m just going to miss this a lot. Especially seeing the girls sing to their sister or give your belly kisses. I’m going to miss a lot more but that’s just the gist of it. It’s all sinking in.

But when it all comes to an end and she’s finally here.. that’s when our new life finally starts. A whole new chapter. Our family is compete. Now we get to make memories that will last a life time.”

And now that we are all ugly crying, check out this mamas last maternity session!

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