Hi Friends, I'm Jen!
Mama to an energetic boy, wife to your local first responder, fiercely protective of anyone I meet, and a true Leo with a huge heart.

I'm notorious for picking a spot at my local airport or restaurant and people watching. Human connection has always amazed me, which adds up as Dateline is my most watched on Hulu and true crime podcasts are my editing jam.
I have always loved the authentic connection of people in their everyday lives. That unposed, unfiltered way partners embrace each other. Or the way a mother holds their sweet babies cheeks while giving them their undivided attention. Those kinds of connections fuel my fire to document your stories, and to do so honestly.

Let's get Personal


Weddings and Couples have been a main focus of mine for a while. I've traveled from California into the Redwoods, to Wyoming with the incredible Grand Teton views. Believe it or not before becoming a photographer I hated traveling (currently still grabbing that arm rest on takeoff and landing). The thought of a new location in a foreign area would have crippled me, but truthfully it has been one of the biggest blessings of my life to travel for your love stories. I cherish that time we have together, and the fact that you trust me to show up and document that day through your eyes is everything.

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Most would describe my photography style as romantic, bold, and true to life. I take the approach of mostly unposed, authentic moments. I truly believe your connection should always show, and it should feel like I'm just your friendly third wheel at our sessions. Making our time together personal is so important to me. After all, we are just freezing that season of life to preserve it for your family heirlooms. And that in itself is incredibly special.

Being a business owner, a parent, and a wife has taught me more than any college could have.
I'm often told that my patience with my sweet family clients (or drunk wedding guests) is impressive. But patience is something I have to work at in my personal life constantly. Being a mom has taught me that life is messy- expectations aren't always met. And that those moments in between seasons matter.
Being a business owner taught me to treat others the way I expect. To hold myself to those same expectations I have for others. My turnaround time reflects my impatience with waiting for anything.
And being a wife to a first responder has taught me that life isn't always meant to be traditional. Holidays are almost never on the correct days in this house, and family time looks different for us. The time we have together though is so precious in its own way. That translates to weddings in covid times. Things don't always look traditional- and that is just as perfect.

If you're looking for someone fueled by adventures, coffee, and love stories of all kinds- I'm your girl!
My business accepts ALL love- because I truly believe that love finds us and no matter who we love it's always special!
I'll be your day of hype girl, your dress fluffer, and your story teller for the most important seasons of your life.
Lets get lost together, and find those moments that matter the most!

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xo, Jen

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