Blane + Dylan

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Have you ever met a couple that you instantly wanted to become best friends with? Like you just knew you guys were going to mesh perfectly? This is my couple! I love all of my clients, don’t get me wrong, but these two are seriously so fun to get in front of my camera.

I’ve gotten to do their maternity photos, newborn photos when they welcomed their little man, and now this super fun couples session.

Marriage is meant to be fun! It means having a partner for life, and having someone to endure the storm and the rainbow with. These two have a marriage that would be the ultimate goal. He tells her his favorite thing about her is her butt, and she kind of trusts him to lift her like the Dirty Dancing pose. I said kind of for a reason, it never happened but close enough!

Check out one of the sweetest couples I know on the blog today!


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