That unposed, unfiltered way partners embrace each other. Or the way a mother holds their sweet babies cheeks while giving them their undivided attention. 
My business accepts ALL love- because I truly believe that love finds us and no matter who we love it's always special!
I'll be your day of hype girl, your dress fluffer, and your story teller for the most important seasons of your life.
Lets get lost together, and find those moments that matter the most!

Hi Friends, I'm Jen!

Mama to an energetic boy, wife to your local first responder, fiercely protective of anyone I meet, and a true Leo with a huge heart. I'm notorious for picking a spot at my local airport or restaurant and people watching. Human connection has always amazed me, which adds up as Dateline is my most watched on Hulu and true crime podcasts are my editing jam. I have always loved the authentic connection of people in their everyday lives. 

Most would describe my photography style as romantic, bold, and true to life. I take the approach of mostly unposed, authentic moments. I truly believe your connection should always show, and it should feel like I'm just your friendly third wheel at our sessions.

I could live off of a combination of pizza (and ranch of course) and potatoes for the rest of my life! We may or may not have a heated dispute if pizza and ranch aren't life for you!

Before becoming a wedding photographer I was terrified of traveling alone. Airplanes have always given me a little anxiety to be honest. But once I traveled for my first destination wedding it became an adventure for me. And now I can't get enough- so invite me to be your third wheel for all of your destination weddings!

I cry behind my camera at every single wedding.
Ceremony, First Looks, Father Daughter Dances, and Speeches get my every dang time! And honestly I wouldn't have it any other way!

If you saw me in my office editing you would know there is always a murder podcast playing. Dateline and true crime documentaries are my jam!
And I promise one will be referenced at least once in our time together.