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Sheri + Emery- How to Plan Your Outfits For a Session

September 4, 2019

Sheri has always been a prime example of the perfect outfit selection for a session. Some people find the most stressful part of planning a family session is picking out the outfits- but it doesn’t have to be!

A few true and tried tricks for outfits is to pick a primary color and to coordinate around it. That doesn’t mean matching the exact same colors but more so to incorporate one color into each outfit. Keeping the match subtle is the key.

For instance Sheri chose a knitted white dress for her outfit, pairing Emery in a neutral/off white tulle dress. In the second outfit choice for Emery she did a jewel green color complimenting her white dress. She even threw in cute cheetah shoes to add some extra character.

Choosing your outfit should be stress free if you are trying to keep things subtle and cohesive. Forever wishing we could all be like Sheri!

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