Sweetest Newborn Photos in New Family Home- Tatum’s First Photo’s


June 28, 2020

Oh sweet Tatum, you have come into the world at a weird time my love!

In a time of pandemic, protest, and uncertainty you have rounded out your family in the most perfect way. You have the BEST parents, and your sister loves you more than I could have even thought to document!

You see life hasn’t always been this way, and we all hope it goes back to normal- but if it doesn’t for a while I know your family will always protect you and make sure you are SO loved and cherished ( and you may have your own gallery wall at some point in the house ).

I am so happy for this sweet little family- new home, new baby, life is good!

Scroll to the end to see the cutest baby details ever also!

Lets Not Forget All The Little Details!

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