How to Still Get Married in a Pandemic- Brides This is For You!

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July 9, 2020

It’s 2020- the year you have been planning to marry your best friend. You’ve spent probably an entire year in the planning stages- booking your venue, photographer, caterer, DJ, florist. You’ve got the dress and all of the family heirlooms ready for the best day of your life. Then Coronavirus hits- and things start to feel uncertain. If this sounds familiar to you then this blog post is for you!

2020 has been a fairly uncertain year for all of us honestly. It’s been a year of fear- and if you’re like me you find yourself saying “what the hell” at least once a week these days. If you are an Arizona resident (shout out to all of us living in the oven) then you are now under a mask order to help stop the spread. This isn’t the year any of us planned for- but as a bride that feeling has got to be intensified with so many questions. Your dream day feels like it’s up in the air! I feel for you girl- but even with the uncertainty this can still be the year you say I do!

Now I know you are thinking “how is that even possible?”. Well the whole point of this blog is to give you options- because even in a time where things seem limited there are ALWAYS options. Lets break down a few!


Depending on how you envisioned your day this may or may not be the option you hoped for. Many brides are now deciding that eloping is the way to go to still marry their best friends on their planned wedding day. And the cool thing is that it makes the day all about you and your love! You find an epic location, a few witnesses, and an officiant- and we focus on the love story that this day was founded on. It gives you time to reflect on what really matters!

You still get to marry the spouse of your dreams, to wear that dress that makes your heart swoon, and to get epic photos that will last a lifetime!

I will tell you that this option is not everyone’s first choice. Some of you brides dreamed of a day with 100 of your closest friends and family members celebrating your love. AND THAT IS OKAY! Your wedding day should be exactly what you dreamed of- it just might mean postponing your wedding until covid becomes a thing of the past. Remember that is your choice- and it should be a joint decision!

Small Ceremony

This option seems to be the happy medium for brides still set on their wedding date- but wanting to share it with close family members! A small ceremony allows you to stay within the state mandated guest count (if there is one) while still allowing a safe social distance with your family. You can always rent an arch or arbor, add amazing florals, and maybe a few benches. This kind of ceremony allows for that day of love you envisioned, without the added stress of a guest count and the possibility of someone getting sick at your wedding.

Depending on your venue they may or may not be okay with the smaller ceremony. It is SO important you reach out to your venue to see what they are allowing. Many of my brides are opting to do the smaller ceremony on their planned wedding day- and splitting the time booked in half to another day next year for a reception to have that big party. It really is a win-win if your date is an important date or has a significant meaning to you or if your venue has a policy about changing the date and refunds. It also mitigates the stress of trying to rebook your vendors for a new date. Many of the brides out there currently are scrambling trying to figure out how to get all of their vendors on the same page about moving a date- with so many brides moving their dates already. This is becoming the popular option- but there’s still one more to consider…

Changing the Date

This is the option no one wants to think about- but it’s the option that may become the reality for many 2020 brides. Like I said you’ve spent most likely a year planning the dream wedding- the last thing you want to think about is starting over. If this is your option though there are positive ways to look at it! The hardest part of the wedding process is over- researching your vendors. At this point you already know the vendors you love, and you’ve already built that relationship. As your vendors we are your biggest cheerleaders- our jobs aren’t to be an added stress but to be problem solvers. Getting in touch with ALL of your vendors to see their availability for the coming year BEFORE you actually pick a new date is the key!

I would start with the venue to see their available dates and then move down the line from the vendors you couldn’t see your day without. Also discussing the refund policy IF you cannot figure out a date that works. Most of us wedding vendors have contracts you sign when booking us- brushing up on that contract and asking what your options are is the best way to get all of the questions answered. We are all in uncharted territory so your vendors will be trying to figure out how to make your dream day happen as well within their availability.

COMMUNICATION IS VITAL! Seriously, we are all working with brides and grooms who are stressed about the fate of their big day. We want to be the problem solvers you deserve for your day- so communicate all of the details. Communicate all of the fears. Lets get on the same page so we can still make what you envisioned a reality!

We Will Get Through This!

At the end of the day your love story is STILL important. Not even a freaking pandemic can shatter those dreams of marrying your best friend! And in this tough time, learn to lean on each other in a way that you didn’t think possible. Make those decisions together- and remember that we are all doing this together. Again, we are your biggest cheerleaders. I tell all of my brides that together we can make this day a dream day! Lean on us for support if you need it- I have become somewhat of a therapist these days to my brides and honestly I love it! YOUR DAY MATTERS!

I hope this blog gives you options you didn’t consider at first. I hope that it eases your mind a bit knowing that you are not alone. But most importantly I hope that this moment of pause, of trying to figure out the details, reminds you that love conquers all! I am here for ANY bride- even if I am not your photographer to help with any questions!

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