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Every scar on our body tells a story, some of triumph and some of pain. C-Sections are such a difficult topic when it comes to parenthood and labor. I’ve heard it all! When researching everything that could potentially happen (yes, it was a horrible idea) I saw so many disheartening things about moms who have […]

Infertility was the name of the game for years, and let me tell y’all it was a tough journey to get this little rainbow baby! It all started with our first miscarriage 3 months into our relationship. It was both scary and exciting all at the same time, but things were still so new and […]

Have you ever met a couple that you instantly wanted to become best friends with? Like you just knew you guys were going to mesh perfectly? This is my couple! I love all of my clients, don’t get me wrong, but these two are seriously so fun to get in front of my camera. I’ve […]

This woman is a super hero disguised as a mama! I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this lady is. This is her 4th and final pregnancy, and she handles it with complete grace and strength. Not to mention she has the support of an army, not that she needs it as I’ve […]

When I think of Princess dresses, Kirsti is the first person that comes to mind! Kirsti and Sean got married in Tahoe last year, and of all days on their wedding day there was an unexpected blizzard. Their outside wedding was moved inside, and their options for pictures were limited. So when she reached out […]

Can I just start by saying this whole wedding was an absolute DREAM! As a photographer you hear the words “Beach Wedding” and your heart immediately skips a beat, but then you add in the cutest Bride and Groom and it’s just a win all around. Amanda and Tyler got married in Oceanside, California in […]

Lets talk about marriage for a minute.. When I got married I thought for sure it would be a fairy tale all of the time. I mean, how cool is it to have a sleepover every night with your best friend right? I thought things would just come easily, and that nothing could break us. […]

We all have that one friend who we adore, and just want everything to go right for. Those friends are normally the ones you do crazy things with when you are young, and the friends you can count on to both laugh and cry with you without even a second thought. For me, that friend […]

One of my favorite parts of any session is the connection I get to make with my clients. I love when clients become friends, and you get to watch them write their stories together in this life. Blane and Dylan are two people I have gotten to watch grow so much over the past 8 […]

Okay, I am going to paint a serious picture of myself as a senior in high school and we will do a comparison. Picture a girl with NO sense of style, struggling to get up early enough to put make up on or even do my hair in any way other than a messy bun. […]

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