Epic Day of Family Photos in the Flagstaff Woods- 6 Beautiful Families in One Day

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This day was a legit dream for any photographer! Picture 6 GORGEOUS families all traveling to one location for a day of running wild in the woods with your favorite people.

I spent 6 hours (probably about 9 in total) getting to see these sweet families love on each other- it’s truly my biggest joy getting to watch these families go from pregnant, to newborn, to full on toddlers. Not to mention it’s officially 110 in Phoenix and escaping to the woods for the day meant 70 degrees and nothing but pines. The location for the day was in Flagstaff, Arizona- on the way up to Snowbowl Mountain!

This day was SO worth the epic sunburn I rocked for almost 2 weeks after- and I’m pretty sure I fell into bed the second I got home. Scroll for each family- and I’ll try to paint the best picture of this day of pure MAGIC!


These 3 were the first family of the day- and we started off thinking Harlow was not going to love having the camera in her face. I have gotten to watch this sweet little girl go from newborn to a walking, babbling toddler- and it has been so fun to watch!

Vinny and Lish are seriously the most attractive couple too- que all the tatted barbie and ken vibes! Lish has always been the most attentive mom, and she is so in tune with her little girl! And lets face is, Harlow is SUCH a a daddies girl too. We eventually got Harlow’s attention by playing lots of nursery songs and ended the session with some epic spins and dips between mom and dad!


Oh how this family has my heart! Alicia and Bij have been my models for a styled shoot, and we’ve gotten to hang for a few family sessions- and every single one just feels like hanging with family.

First of all the twins are SO much fun! Seriously both of them have beautiful eyes and they just love their big brother so much. And big brother was our biggest helper of the day keeping the boys smiling and giggling.

The real stars though as always were mom and dad. Alicia and Bij are seriously magic every time they get in front of my camera- and as always they didn’t disappoint in looking absolutely perfect while lovin on each other!


This little family was my 3rd of the day- and from the moment they got out of the car the boys melted my dang heart! Their bond is something you could only dream of for brothers- and big brother made sure to show off their awesome new shoes.

Mom and Dad took a little time to celebrate their love too- which is so important. Often times we don’t remember to celebrate the love story that started the family, and we made sure to do just that!

We may have dodged a few logs being swung around by the boys too. It was the sweetest session exploring in the woods and I can’t wait to see these little guys grow!


The Alonzo family holds a BIG piece of my heart! Rochelle works on the same fire department as my husband, and without even knowing that they booked me as their wedding photographer (it’s been a whole year since that big day). I’ve gotten to watch this family become one- and watch them become whole in the process!

The boys are always such a joy! I am always greeted with the biggest hugs from all of them, and they are the sweetest/well mannered boys I know!

We ran around the forest, snuggled up, and even a toy fire truck made the cut in a few photos. This is why I love my job- you guys always make me feel like an honorary family member!


This session was particularly fun because these boys haven’t done professional photos in a LONG time! With two boys (one being a teenager) it’s always hard to get them involved and excited for photos- but these boys did great!

Aaron is a single dad- and we made sure to highlight him at the session. The boys took turns posing him in photos alone, and Aaron was such a trooper trying to keep it fun!

Document your moments with your kids y’all! It is so important to freeze that time before they grow!


Monica’s family was the last session of the day. Imagine an insanely sun burnt Jen, trying to keep the energy going for these cuties. Honestly it wasn’t hard the second I saw their outfits!

One thing Monica is SUPER consistent with is that she is by far the most stylish person I know. Seriously she always comes dressed to the nines- and her family always looks like they walked out of a magazine!

Lets also note that their little girl is an absolute light in this world. She giggled and smiled the whole time- taking turns dancing with her mom and dad. It really was the perfect way to end the day!

Looking to document your moments with a sweet family session? Click HERE to contact me and learn more about my services! I LOVE to travel- and I will be the best hype girl for your photos!


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