Moody Sunset Maternity Photos at the Salt River

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These moody sunset maternity photos at the Salt River are everything I want every single maternity session to look like! This session was a personal one for me, as that beautiful goddess of a mama in the photos is my sister. She is kind, insanely smart, and so dang nurturing. I can say the same for the man who made her a mama. Matt is patient, loving, and the most supportive man I’ve met beside my own husband. It’s safe to say these two humans are probably the most deserving of a happy ending.

Fertility Journey

Ashleigh and Matt have been trying to start their own family for a while. We struggled through infertility together, and when I was going through my own journey they always maintained hope for us. I should add they are also the most incredible aunt and uncle duo to my little boy. Ash never misses a holiday, and always makes time to check in on her nephew. Watching them love my baby as their own just solidified what amazing parents they would make.

When they started their IVF journey they weren’t sure what it would look like. No one expected the heartache that came. With every negative test I wished I could just teleport to Texas to squeeze them. It was a really long, hard road to get to this point. Then one day Ash asked to facetime me, it was an odd time with our time difference and it just felt super important. When I answered there was a positive pregnancy test on the screen. We both bawled, it was everything! It was just as sweet of a moment for me as when I got my own positive test. It was hope, unwavering faith, and desire to be parents that got them to this moment. And ever since that facetime everything has just felt magical.

We may have gotten the gender wrong with a few ultrasounds (shoutout to that pink gender reveal that quickly became blue), but honestly the gender didn’t matter. The fact that these two are bringing into this world a baby with their qualities makes the world better. I have no doubt he will be kind, stubborn (like his mama and auntie), and sweet. Every quality this world needs.

The Maternity Session

When Ash and Matt came home for their baby shower we made sure to make time to document this moment. These are the moments us infertility warriors wait for. And AZ provided the most incredible sunset. These maternity photos at the Salt River were a sentimental moment I am thankful I got to share in. Auntie loves you Hayes, and I am so ready to squeeze you.

Check out the sweetest maternity session below. And if you are struggling with fertility yourself please don’t give up hope, miracles happen all the time!


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