These moody sunset maternity photos at the Salt River are everything I want every single maternity session to look like! This session was a personal one for me, as that beautiful goddess of a mama in the photos is my sister. She is kind, insanely smart, and so dang nurturing. I can say the same […]

Moody Sunset Maternity Photos at the Salt River


Kirsti ran out of the house without her shoes and some make up- BUT she still looked like a freaking model. That maternity glow has been present since the day she told me she was going to be a mama, and I seriously cannot wait to see his grow into the fierce mama she will […]

Kirsti & Sean- Maternity


This day had all of the promise of a big storm and a very wet desert – but it turned into pure magic! With Joane being due a few days from the session we knew we had to act fast on maternity photos. Although we were all hesitant day of with the weather it turned […]

Joane + Caleb Maternity


Becoming a parent is both the scariest and most exciting moment of your life. From the moment you find out you’ll be responsible for shaping another life its almost surreal. But when Kirsti told me she was expecting I just knew she was going to shape an amazing little human being into a strong, kind […]

Kirsti + Sean Maternity


You see this sweet little boy? I have had the pleasure of watching him grow in his mommys belly, watched him stumble trying to take steps towards his mama, and now I get to watch him become a big brother. These are the moments I live for! Blane and Dylan have been my clients for […]

Blane + Dylan Maternity


This woman is a super hero disguised as a mama! I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this lady is. This is her 4th and final pregnancy, and she handles it with complete grace and strength. Not to mention she has the support of an army, not that she needs it as I’ve […]

Tanya + Taylynn Maternity



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